Adventurous travels to Guatemala with a good cause

Are you looking for a Spanish language course, a volunteer job or an adventurous tour in a Latin American country? And help out the local people? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place! Etnia Maya offers customized Spanish language courses, volunteer holidays and adventurous tours to Guatemala. We do this in a responsible and sustainable way, in which the local people are actively involved. Part of the proceeds Etnia Maya invests in development projects that contribute to the social and economic needs of local indiginous communities in Guatemala. By doing this we hope to make a positive contribution to their lives and create a better future for them. More about the mission and objectives of Etnia Maya.

Spanish language travels

Going abroad to study Spanish is probably the best way to study Spanish and learn the Spanish language. In Latin America, one of the most popular study abroad destinations for Spanish is in Guatemala. Etnia Maya offers a variety of locations where you can study Spanish in Guatemala such as Antigua, San Pedro la Laguna, Monterrico, Quetzaltenango and Rio Dulce. Each location in Guatemala offered contains a quality Spanish language school with some interesting Spanish language programs. The Spanish language programs are taught using the communicative approach that will help you study Spanish and learn Spanish quickly and efficiently. Five days a week, you will be enrolled in Spanish classes at a local language school to increase your proficiency. During the language program you can choose to stay with a local family, or a guesthouse or hotel.  Living with a local host family is the ideal way to practice and improve you Spanish while also having daily Spanish lessons. You will also learn about the culture of the Guatemalan people which gives your stay an extra dimension. Our Spanish language schools in Guatemala have start dates each Monday throughout the year. This means that you can start to study Spanish at a Spanish language school at a date of your choice. The schools allow you to study as short as one week and stay for a period of months. The length of time you stay to study Spanish is entirely up to you! Take your time exploring our website to help you find the best place to study Spanish. We are confident that you will find our website to contain excellent information, not only about our Spanish language schools and Spanish language programs, but about Guatemala itself. More about the Spanish language travels of Etnia Maya.

Volunteer holidays

What is a volunteer holiday all about? Together with our partners in Guatemala, Etnia Maya offers special volunteer holiday experiences. Now can combine your dream of visiting an exotic country with your desire to help out those in need. We are offering short term and long term volunteer opportunities to travelers who are want to make a difference. Volunteer vacations allow you to get involved with the projects and help out the local people of Guatemala. Depending on your skills and interests, you will be offered many different opportunities during your stay in Guatemala. Dedicate part of your holidays to do something for other people and to use your skills to help people and try to make a difference in the world. More about our volunteer holidays.


Guatemala is a diverse country, both in terms of nature and culture. The Caribbean and Pacific coasts, untouched tropical rainforests, majestic volcanoes and fascinating mountain lakes combined with impressive colonial cities, Mayan ruins and the traditions and warmth of its colorful inhabitants, make Guatemala a fascinating travel destination. Etnia Maya offers several tours in which mainly local projects are involved.  More about our tours.

Combinations and packages

Do you want to learn Spanish and volunteer in Guatemala? Or adjacent your Spanish language through a trip to Guatemala? Can. Etnia Maya has several packages that combines learning the Spanish language, volunteering, and a tour. You can also create your own trip, entirely to your own needs. There are plenty of options. More about our combinations.

Study Travel Program

If you are having a tough time deciding where to study Spanish in Guatemala, why not study in different places? Choose our Study Travel Program, which is a great way to customize your Spanish study abroad experience. In this program you follow weekly courses at different destinations in Guatemala giving you the opportunity to experience different regions of Guatemala and discover the country in all its diversity. This program can be followed individually or in groups.